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Pleated Blinds Bedford

Pleated blinds do not only give you an option to keep the heat out of a room and give great shade. They also give you the opportunity to add colour to a room that can be bright and warm. To be honest this type of blind is not for everyone, however some people will love them and we will support that and can at anytime provide you with a full portfolio of fabrics.

Pleated blinds are really good for the sunroom, sun house office or conservatory. The positive factor of Pleated blinds is that you can really add some vibrant colours in any area, making the room feel bigger and warmer dependant on how you achieve this.

You can use pleated blinds as a roof blind that is self supported and runs on wire supports or as a free hanging side window covering..... Whatever the option we have the option for you!

Where pleated blinds come into their own is when fitted with the perfect fit system as they really add a great finishing touch.


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